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The package on its first release have buildings, zombies, weapons , characters, cars, and miscellaneous props for the city.All is designed in a lowpoly style, with a main texture(Atlas), that gives colours to all the models.Most of the models are on fbx other may be found on obj format. The characters has the topology ready for animation;

In this pack you will find over 200 3D assets to solve your issues when creating diferent types of games.

Here you will find. Zombies ( 5 diferent zombies )

 Cars (37 cars , some of them same with other colours)

 Characters (1 Character with 9 diferent colours.Perfect for multiplayer.) 

Buildings.(46 Buildings to place on the town)

 Props for cities (56 props for the city)

 Weapons and medkit( 20 objects guns, medkit , and mele weapon.)

 Food (10 foods)

 Streets (various street desings to conect the city) Nature props 

(25 nature props). I choosed to do this models to solve many of the needs when prototyping a game.Is important to clarify that certain models are only changed by colour to add more life in the pack. The scene showed is an example scene created in unity.Be aware that the files are left for composing your own scene. If there is anything needed or question feel free to DM , comment  or send me a message to my mail.

If this asset helped you , please help it rating it c: 

By the way if you want to check the scene, there is a rar file with it!

-Licence - you can use it for your game in any way you want,even make money without worry about a thing.I only ask to be mentioned anywhere you choose .

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreAction, Adventure, Racing, Survival
Tags3D, City Builder, Horror, One-shot, Top-Down, Top down shooter


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Lowpoly Survival City.zip 3 MB
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O wow, se ve bastante bien. Voy a intentar hacer algo con esto XD, si lo llego a acabar te aviso pro B)

Me alegro mucho, espero que te hay aservido! Voy a seguramente subir mas cositas para que los desarrolladores puedan hacer sus juegos!Estoy atento a ver que pudiste hacer :D


Thank you so much for releasing this, I am horrible at art and feel honored to use artwork from all of you who are blessed with this talent.  Thank you.


Thank you for using it im glad you liked it , and even more im glad it is usefull for you! best wishes on your gamedev path !


This is such a beautiful pack of assets!

I would like to use it in a game dev competition if you don't mind...

Thank you very much~ :">


Im so sorry for the delay, please use it in any way that can help you.Even if you create a game that gives you money.This pack in particular is to help other game designers.I hope this worked well for you.

Wish you best of luck on your gamedev path n.n

How to use the MTL file ?. The streets don't go well. !PLEASE!

Hi carlos , the MTL  file is conected with the obj file.It basicaly has all the information that the obj file has as uv map , and such things.You should use the obj file, not the MTL.Thats where the model is , on the obj file.Please let me know if this helped you n.n!

Hello, This looks like an Amazing Asset but why aren't the colors showing up when I import it into unity?


Hello absolute strange, this is not the Unity project, this are the models used on the unity project.To be able to put the texture, you just have to create a material , and put the atlas created for this pack.Please let me know if you have any issue while doing this.The texture should be on Materials folder


Wow that was a Quick Reply! I will make sure to try that! Thanks!

Looks awesome! any chance we can get the unity scene included? That would be amazing!


Unfortunelly , when the version of unity is changed all the prefabs stop working.But I will see what I can do with that.I will update you If I manage to do that change n.n


Thank you for your reply and time :) I would suggest just exporting it in the latest 2019 LTS version and then don't bother with it again for at least 2 years(or ever tbh). If someone wants to learn from the scene he should use the specified version.


It is free for commercial use ?


Completly free for anything but selling the asset alone. Feel free to publish your game with any of this assets :D You can always mention me offcourse , but that's it. 

can i edit your models as well?


Yes modify them if you need for your game.The only limitation is about modifying the models to sell them as a package


Cant wait to try it!

Thanks! if anything don't doubt to write me.Also for any sugestion , or object that may help you on your project to add it to the pack! :D