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Have you ever needed lots and lots of models for your games, and needed to buy lots of diferent package to do it and at the end they looked kinda to diferent from eachother ?Well this is a pack may solve that.In this pack you will find all kind of props, from tables , chairs, food ,houses with open interiors and lots of more things.

Right now  the package  has close to 1560 models.Fully textured.Some models has variations over textures, to make the world more unique and less repetitive.

The models are being presented on unity, with Lineal render pipeline.

Also there is diferent variations over colours and contrast versions of the Atlas texture, that also covers all the models.So no need to have more than one material for the whole scene.There is 7 diferent versions of the same atlas, changing from colour filtering, intensity, and contrast.To set the models over the scene, you can create a Material and decide wich atlas works better for your style of game.

One last thing to note about the package, is that there is 2 rar files. One with the models and textures for you to put them on your project, and another rar file, wich is call -Unity Version-.There you will find the unity project to see the scenes that are showcased on the pics of the package.

The next things that I have to upload as they are almost done are:

Almost done

-Weapon Package Mele (You can see some examples of the weapons on the stores as I started working on them already)

-Character package  (Diferent characters well thought over a medieval fantasy set)

-Nature enviroment package (Grass , trees , rocks And more misc nature props.

-Full modular system to create your own houses.

To develop

-Dungeon Package 

-Castle package

-Better houses package

-Cell shader

-outline Shader

New version of houses with interiors

As this package will grow, the price may grow too.I highly recommend to be the first ones to buy it before updates, as you will have access to them and the new updates. No matter when you brought it.

If anything you can always write me a dm or comment! I will kindly assist you with any questions or doubts! 

And overall best wishes on your dev path!

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags3D, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Game Design, Medieval, MMORPG, Swords, Unity


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I have two questions for you:

1) Sorry if this question bothers you (you can not answer if you dont want to). But have some people already payed for this? I live in a country where 5$ is some money, but I will maybe pay you that amount (knowing I can get it for free) because I feel this is very valuable, and you deserve some credit.

2) Are you planning to add some character models? That would be very usefull for me.


Hi Nachiten, well in total I believe this package did 10 dollars over 1000 downloads.  But my friend is okey, you don't need to pay for it. If 5 dollars is considered money where you live use it to enjoy time with people that you value, or coffee, coffee is equal to what I mentioned before. Jokes around there is no need to pay me for this. You can mention me if you use it in your game. Honestly im really hyped to see my package in a game. That is gonna be a beutifull experience to be honest that will pay out the time I used to do this. It didn't took to long to do it either, well over a month but it was just for me to practice certain things on texturing.

I have some characters done for this package. But right now im not finding the time to prepare it for the uppload. Tho if you have any sugestion on the style im totally open to do it. I really enjoy to create this things. And well if its usefull welp that's an extra gain for me.

Excellent asset. Thanks a lot. Too bad there are no doors.

That's odd, I thought I placed the doors in the pack. I will check and update you when that's up on the package :D

I think you need to export the unity stuff as a contained package otherwise all the connections are broke. I'm lookin at a purple scene because all mats are missing. Unless i'm not understanding

You are probably right, the easy solve is creating the material with the atlas. Im going to see if I still have the project to export it as a package. Tho there are not prefabs created I understand that is possible that you will have a bit more of work seting the material for the models. If I still have my project I will solve it and update about it. Thanks for understanding

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Is this free to use in commercial projects?


Yep, is totally free pal. Done to help game developers to create games. 

You can't sell it on a smaller or bigger pack. Is just free for creating games. You can make money. And if you do money with it. I hope you make a lot  haha no need to pay me royalties or stuff like that. Is free for use. You can mention me if this really helped you! I hope it does.


Awesome, it really helped me, thank you so much


Because he's the hero Gotham needs, but not the one it deserves

Oh thank you very much, im really happy that this is usefull for lots of people to create their games :D